The AlfaSeeYas

 A chapter of Family Motor Coach Association.  (FMCA)
We are also grouped with the International Area (INTO) of FMCA

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The AlfaSeeYas is a chapter of the FMCA, Chartered on May 19, 2003 at Sevierville, TN at the annual Alfa Owners Rally with 44 charter members.  We have over 500 members nationwide.  In addition to a quarterly newsletter that is oriented towards Alfa motorhome maintenance and repair suggestions, we hold many rallies around the country throughout the year.

Annual dues are $10.00 per coach with a first year application fee of $10.00. You will need to join FMCA first but the AlfaSeeYas will be glad to process the paperwork at the same time they process your AlfaSeeYas application.
Contact:  Ray Zimmermann rayzman89@gmail.com   (360) 789-6628

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AlfaSeeYas Chapter FMCA

1952 E Divot Drive
Tempe, AZ  85283

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