The Alfa SeeYas

A chapter of Family Motor Coach Association. (FMCA) We are also grouped with the International Area (INTO) of FMCA. The AlfaSeeYas is a chapter of the FMCA, Chartered on May 19, 2003 at Sevierville, TN at the annual Alfa Owners Rally with 44 charter members. We have over 500 members nationwide.

In addition to quarterly newsletter (AlfaSeeYas Connection) which is oriented towards Alfa motorhome maintenance and repair suggestions, we hold many rallies around the country throughout the year.

Annual dues are $10.00 per coach with a first year application fee of $10.00. You will need to join FMCA first but the AlfaSeeYas will be glad to process the paperwork at the same time they process your AlfaSeeYas application.

Contact: Larry York - lyork5635@gmail.com - (520) 266-0045

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers Names Contact
President Larry York lyork5635@gmail.com
Vice President Randy Scott rscott@antelecom.net
Secretary Suzanne Conner pappaconslady@yahoo.com
Treasurer Ray Zimmermann raysman89@gmail.com
National Director Marvin Berry berrymarvin@att.net
Alt National Director Dale Manners ddmanners@hotmail.com
Volunteers Names Contact
Newsletter Editor Jeannette Harper budlinkjt@gmail.com
Webmaster Jeannette Harper budlinkjt@gmail.com

Event Photos

image sample Want to catch a glimpse of where we have been? What events we have participated in?

Click on this photo and then on any of the dates identified in the table. You will see AlfaSeeYa members enjoying themselves and getting together with others.

If YOU have photos you want to share, please contact the webmaster or any of the officers listed above. What will help the most is if you also identify the date(s), place(s) and people found in your photo(s).

See someone or some place NOT identified, feel free to share your information and we will get names, dates and places out there for others.

At a glance - upcoming events

Date Description
August 14 - 17 FMCA 100th International Convention - Minot ND
June 6 - 9 Northwest Area Rally - Albany OR
June 5 - 8 Great Lakes Area Rally - Allegan MI