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Alfaseeyas Membership Information

FMCA:  To be a member of AlfaSeeYas you must be a member of FMCA, as we are an FMCA chapter.  The AlfaSeeYas are all motorcoach owners.  (No trailer or 5th wheel RV's)
You may join (or renew) FMCA on line at:

AlfaSeeYas:  AlfaSeeYas membership is only $10 per year, per coach.
Multiple year renewals are encouraged at $10 per year.  See above for application link.
Payment by check or money order only please, payable to AlfaSeeYas.
Send Payments to:

     AlfaSeeYas Treasurer
     c/o Lori Zimmermann
     1952 E Divot Drive
     Tempe, AZ  85283

Membership expiration dates are published on your newsletter address label.  If you have questions about your membership status, or want to report a change of address, email, etc., please contact our Secretary, Diana Manners, at  (You may also contact any other officer at the addresses given on the CHAPTER OFFICERS page.)

Alfa Leisure Sundancers (Owner's Club):  The owner's club was sponsored by Alfa Leisure, the manufacturer.  As of April 30, 2008 Alfa Leisure no longer exists. 
Within the club there were eight chapters representing various geographic areas, and a chapter for full-timers.  Most of these clubs are still in operation.  For information on these chapters we suggest you do a google search on the Internet.  The names of the chapters are below.

The Alfa Owner's Club (Sundancers)


Alfa 1
(Los Angeles & Surrounding Area)

Lone Stars

(Non-regional, US & Canada)

South Loafers
(Southern California)
(Central California)
Sun Seekers
(North of Eugene, OR & WA)
(Eastern US area)


AlfaSeeYas is a chapter of Family Motor Coaching Assoaciation (FMCA) and is not affiliated with the Alfa Leisure Sundancers organization or any of its 9 chapters.  You may join as many of the Alfa Leisure chapters as you desire, as well as the AlfaSeeYas!