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Norcold Recall

Norcold Refrigerator Recall Update (also, click Norcold link above)


I called Norcold this morning and was told that ALL refrigerator Models in the 1200 series made up until October 2010 are under recall.  This is even if they were “fixed” under previous recalls.  

Even though they say they have fixed their website, you would probably just be better off to call their 800 number.  (1-800-767-9101)  
Please be prepared to wait awhile as there are lots and lots of people who have these refrigerators!

Have ready:
Chassis VIN# (17 characters) (You'll need this for the repairing service facility.)
Refrigerator Model Number (On label inside refrigerator door.)
Refrigerator Serial Number (On label inside refrigerator door.)
Cooling Unit Serial Number (On a label on the roundish tank in the upper right corner of the outside refrigerator access area.)

When you call them they can look up the service facilities nearest you (by zipcode) and provide phone numbers.  If you are full-timing, see if one of their listed service providers is a mobile service.

You then call the service facility (which will ask you for the same information listed above).  They usually say it takes about a week to get the parts in and then will call you to set an appointment for the repair.  The repair can be done from outside the coach and entails the installation of a high limit switch.  Supposedly takes about 30 minutes.