FMCAssist ID Cards


  >>>>  INSTRUCTIONS  <<<< 


Prior to printing, Type in your registered Name and then your FMCA "F" number in both boxs.

You can print these as is and cut out and then fold in half to get the information on both sides.  Or, you can print both sides on one sheet of paper by first, print the one side then reinsert the printed paper and print again.  It doesn't always align exactly but is pretty close and you end up with 4 cards.

>> You may even want to print on a heavier card stock unless you plan on laminating them.

>> You might want to print enough to give someone who may be an emergency contact, such as your children, and explain that should you or your spouse need any assistance from this program and you are not able to communicate, they need to contact the printed phone number and give them your name and "F" number prior to obtaining assistance.


new_FMCAssist cards

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